JEWELS MALL.COM A lesson in diamond education..

JEWELS MALL.COM is having a GRAND REOPENING SALE and would first like to help customers by reviewing a lesson in diamond education. GIA Diamond Certification The GIA’s mission is to increase consumers’ trust in diamonds and jewelry by upholding the highest standards of integrity, academics, science, and professionalism. They work toward this goal by providing […]

What Are the Most Popular Ring Metals?

The choice of ring metal is wide-ranging and can range from the low-cost tungsten to the high-end platinum. The preferred metal will relate to not only the cost, but also the type of ring and personal style preference. Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular options: Platinum Platinum is a precious […]

Travelling With Your Diamond Jewelry

Every one of us requires a break from our daily and sometimes boring lives occasionally. Holidays are the point at which you can experiment with new looks and stylish styles to up your fashion game. Regardless of whether you are setting out to a tropical area or taking off to the slopes for a truly […]

5 Popular Styles of Engagement Rings

In the process of choosing the perfect engagement ring it is essential to find a design that matches the personality and lifestyle of the wearer. Also, the daily activities should be a consideration factor to make sure the ring is able to stand up to its everyday wear and tear. Let’s take a look at […]

15 Amazing Facts About Diamonds

1. The birth stone for people born in the month of April is diamond. An amazing reason for every lady out there to ask the gift of fine jewellery from their better halves. 2. Back in the days, the Romans and Greeks believed that the diamonds were either tears that came from the cry of […]

How to Design Your Own Necklace Online

A necklace is the special part of jewelry that is worn around the neck. In the world of jewelry, it is one of the earliest articles of jewelry which is used for adornment worn by humans. It sometimes serves magical, ceremonial, funerary or religious purposes. Gold necklace sets are also used as signs of status […]

What Are the Benefits of Custom-Made Jewelry?

Custom-made jewelry can make a very meaningful gift. Simply collaborating with a skilled jeweler can lead to the creation of a fantastic ring, necklace, or bracelet that truly matches the personal taste. Let’s take a look at a few of the top reasons to invest in the custom-made jewelry: Designed from scratch A major benefit […]

6 Steps To Soldering Earring Posts

Learn how to solder earring posts on blanks or other ornaments in this 6-step how-to guide to get you started. We cover every aspect of the process plus it’s loaded with tips! Soldering your own posts can open you up to a whole new set of designs and creations. In this step-by-step guide, I will show […]

5 Tips For A Successful Jewelry Business

It goes without saying that you’re offering an amazing collection of jewelry made with love, skill and attention to quality. But, the reality is that you will spend just as much time or more on the business side of things. Here are five things to consider as you grow your business. As this year comes […]